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With love for handicrafts and passion to create something unique, Archita Mehta launched Shrivas in 2016 in the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, with an aim of creating something distinctive by amalgamation of Indian Hand embroidery art and modern style footwear.
" While a lot had been done in the field of hand embroidery on a piece of cloth, embroidery on accessories have always pulled my attention. That's when I decided to pursue this. What we have done different from other brands is that we have kept comfort as the utmost point of priority. Our embroidery art is focused on simple but elegant designs where a lot of emphasis is laid on finishing of the product. A lot of our clients are middle aged women who seek comfort along with beauty. " says Archita Mehta.
The brand has recently come up with men embroidery shoes which has gathered a good response. Shrivas by Archita Mehta specialize at Bridal And Groom footwear and have catered to various weddings feeling fortunate enough to be a part of such wonderful moments. The brand aims to diversify it's product line in tune with the customer's demand .